Thursday, May 11, 2006


I just saw Aquafina's new TV commercial last night - they show how wonderful and pure Aquafina water is by sticking some instrument into it that measures total dissolved solids and comes up with some very small number. [Now that I think about it - was it a number greater than zero? What were the units? I'll have to watch more closely next time]

Interesting since total dissolved solids are related mostly to palatability and their absence does not necessarily imply safety or absence of pollutants.

Aquafina water probably doesn't contain bacteria or other pollutants - I don't really know, and this TV commercial does nothing to convince me one way or the other.

I wonder if the implication is that taste is the most important consideration for consumers of bottled water, or if it's that Aquafina assumes that although water safety is important to the public, we are easily duped into believing that water purity and safety can be determined by some arbitrary scientific-sounding test.

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