Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Second Cup and the mystery of the expanding coffee

Second Cup has decided to change all their coffee sizes. Except they haven't actually changed much about the cup size except to rename them. What I used to get when I ordered a medium is now called "small". What Pat used to get when he ordered a large is now called "medium". And so on.

I think the price per cup (for the medium aka small) has gone up by two pennies.

So what are they doing?

(a) hoping that multitudes of people will initially order the wrong size and so they'll get more coffee and pay more by accident thereby temporarily increasing profits for Second Cup

(b) planning to cash in on that extra two cents per cup (I soppose that two cents per cup times many many cups isn't insignificant) and hoping that people won't notice the price difference because they'll be too busy wondering what size they should order

(c) hoping that we'll all get used to drinking bigger cups of coffee because we'll start off ordering the wrong size by mistake - but will end up getting used to buying and paying for more java, thereby increasing profits for Second Cup

(d) Just messing with us so that someone can claim they've rebranded the company or some such nonsense. Which, presumably, would be aimed at increasing customers thereby increasing profits for Second Cup

Ya, really, who knows what they're up to.

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Jordan said...

Whenever I feel left out for not being a coffee drinker, it's things like what you describe in this post that console me!