Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My precioussssss!

Yeurgh. It seems that although China's one-per-family babies should be awfully precious, there are a number of companies over there who are willing to risk the health of the country's next generation for profit. The most recent example has a company using plastic from discarded CDs to make baby bottles. According to the factory manager (in an article from China Daily),

"the factory used the reclaimed plastic because it was much cheaper than clean material"

It turns out that the bottles contain hydroxybenzene, a yucky chemical that leaches into warm milk and harms the kidneys and liver.

This company is not alone either: Reuters is reporting that two years ago, 13 babies died and more than 200 got sick after ingesting fake milk powder, and more recently, tests on children’s clothing have found that many containe a dye that can cause bladder and urethra cancer with chronic exposure. As in, the type of exposure you might get from wearing a piece of clothing a lot.

Ahhh, capitalism has come to China.

Maybe these examples are the exception; I hope so. Although it's hard to know how to value the health of the next generation, even in purely economic terms it's a poor trade for the financial gains these ethically-challenged companies are hoping for.

Besides. It's just so wrong.

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