Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Allow me to brag for a moment

I sing in a women's choir in Toronto called Cantores Celestes and we have just released a new CD (it's actually the choir's fourth). It's called "The Circle Never Ends" and it's a combination of choral/bluegrass - we collaborated with an excellent bluegrass band called the Foggy Hogtown Boys. Sounds wierd but actually we sound pretty damn good.

Anyway, cuts from the CD have now been played on the radio in every province in Canada as well as in California. And Toronto's CBC 99.1 chose it as their disc of the month for May.



Caroline said...

That's great, Happy Owl! I'd love to hear it!

Heather said...


Happy Owl said...

Update: I heard us on "disc drive" this afternoon Friday May 12)! Way cool - I just heard myself on the radio.