Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The illusion of May 24th long weekend

Every year it happens. I look forward to the long weekend in May. May two-four. Yep, the unofficial beginning of summer.

Like lots of other Canadians, I percieve that this long weekend is the first time it's sensible to go hang out in the woods - or to be outdoors doing something at least vaguely adventurous that doesn't require wearing snowpants.

Except that every year it rains. And it's cold. And this year I forgot the freakin' tent poles! Yep, three whole hours away from Toronto, and I have a brainwave that the tent poles may not have actually been packed in the bag with the tent. Sure enough, the tent bag was very squishy. No hope that I might be wrong.

So we end up shelling out a bunch of cash for a Coleman tent that has a fly about the size of my pinkie fingernail, and which proceeds to leak like a sieve precisely at each of the four corners as it pours rain overnight. Which is does, since it's May 24th weekend and it pretty much rains every year as far as I can recall.

Ah well. We managed to stay warm due to multiple layers of fleece and dry due to the astounding floorspace involved in the Coleman version of the "3-man tent". And we even got in some hiking along the Bruce Trail and saw some pretty spectacular scenery.

And this time next year, I'll probably be getting ready to enjoy my first "outside" weekend of the year once again.


Heather said...

It poured here too - and we were also camping, although a rather different version. Just be happy you weren't trying to worry about how to put on makeup in a tent and then leave said tent wearing three layes of dress, a hennin, and a meter and a half long veil. The advatage is that we can stand up in our tent :)

Happy Owl said...

Did medieval ladies wear makeup? Were you wearing medieval makeup? And what the heck is a hennin?!?

Heather said...

Yes they did, no I didn't (you know the lead base and all), and it's one of the cone hats that all fairy tale princesses wear - they did actually exist, but mostly you see truncated hennins - a truncated cone.