Monday, May 08, 2006

Honestly. Just eat the sugar and go fly a kite.

So aspartame doesn't cause cancer after all - so say a group of European scientists who also seem to think that they have been so thorough and are so smart that their conclusions should put this issue to bed.

The problem is that just last year there was a study released showing that aspartame produced lymphomas in rats.

I dunno - I'd have to go and read all the studies myself to figure out what I believe, and I'm just not that committed to this topic. I'm sure every study has issues: number of animals tested, doses selected, extrapolation of results to humans, extrapolation to low doses... That's sort of the nature of trying to do animal research and then saying it applies to humans.

All I know is that if we could all just take control of our own lives and figure out that really, all most of us need to do is eat healthily and get a bit of exercise, then the stuff wouldn't be such a hot item to begin with.

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