Friday, May 12, 2006

A bit of drama..

Two nights ago as P. and I were cleaning up after dinner, we had the back door open because it was warm in the kitchen.

"Smell like campfire", I commented.

Several minutes later, this was the scene from our front window:

Turns out the the apartment three units to our left was well and truly on fire. The firefighters had to go in with sledgehammers and we could hear them tearing apart the walls as we stood on our back deck. Lots of smoke too. Considering that all the buildings are essentially the same building here - one big string of storefronts with apartments above them, I wasn't really sure that we should actually bestanding on our back deck...!

Hurrah for the Toronto fire department - they managed to get everything under control relatively quickly. I did decide to not go to bed until I was sure they were packing up their equipment though!

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Jordan said...

Wow. Glad you guys are OK!