Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Census Day!

Today is census day in Canada. Apparently you can actually get fined $500 or spend three months in jail if you don't fill it out - although I don't know how often that actually happens. On the National tonight, it was reported that for every person not counted, the province loses 11000 dollars in federal transfer payments. Sounds like a lot of cashola!

We got the long form - which included over 50 questions and took P. ages to fill out online. Some of the questions were even a bit subjective - how many hours of unpaid housework did I do last week... umm... I'm not too sure?

And what a warm fuzzy feeling I get inside when I think of how we've helped all those companies that use postal codes and census data to direct their marketing.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you say Target Marketing like it is a bad thing! It helps us pay our bills...he he he