Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's my birthday...

Well, not quite yet. I'm a June baby. Which, according to some guy from the New Scientist who does their science blog, means I'm (statistically) more likely to commit suicide, have anorexia, become an alcoholic, or develop Alzheimer's disease. Oh joy.

(Uh, let's be clear - I'm happy with life. This is just me reporting on information that results purely from someone's statistical analysis. And we all know that statistics is pretty much capable of demonstrating any relationship we'd like it to, as long as we omit a teeny bit of context here and there)

The only (statistical) bonus associated with being born in June - according to this guy's summary anyway - is that I'm more likely to have been a medical student.

Oops, I guess I missed that boat.


Anonymous said...

When in June?!!
I'm June 6- Just less then a month and I turn 30 AHHHH!!!
I always thought June was a good month for a birthday as it was exactly half a year away from Christmas - so good time to get presents!

Happy Owl said...

June the 11... I didn't know we were born so close in time!

I figure that Pat has survived pretty well since turning 30... so I suppose it can't be THAT bad ;)