Thursday, May 25, 2006

Here's to shrinkage

Everyone always says, " look after the environment, don't pollute, we're wrecking this place and we all need to take action". And then it always feels like any action I might take is pretty tiny compared to the big 'ole problems we seem to be facing, and that geez, nobody else is taking that action along with me.

Today I read that the hole in the ozone layer might actually start shrinking - and that it could be gone by 2050. Of course this is based on a computer model developed by one research group - and as with all science there's a bit of disagreement about whether or not they're right - but the point is, we found out there was a problem (CFC emissions), we took some action (reducing CFC emissions, disallowing them in newer products) and we got a result.

Erm, well not yet actually. We definitely got reduced CFC emissions... however, according to these modellers, the hole has reached its maximum size. Which sort of implies to me that it hasn't actually started shrinking yet. I know a lot of equations and complicated stuff goes into those models but I'll be feeling a whole lot more confident once that hole in the ozone layer is for sure getting smaller again.

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