Monday, May 15, 2006

Another H2O commercial gripe

Brita has a new TV commercial that points out that tap water and the water in your toilet tank come from the SAME source.

I think I was supposed to think: Ewww. And that obviously, it must be a good idea to put a filter on my tap, because who wants to think about drinking that nasty water in the toilet, right?

Before we hit the commercial's punch line I was actually thinking that maybe the ad was about water conservation. Silly moi.

Sheesh. Talk about playing on peoples' fears about bacteria.

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Simone Rivers said...

Ya, I think that it's actually more "tragic" that we spend so much money treating water and then use that treated water to flush our toilets and wash our cars and water our lawns etc. etc. The percentage of treated water that is actually consumed is actually quite small.