Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mmm... you smell... funny.

I read on popgadget today that Demeter Fragrance Library (I've never heard of them before but who knows, I don't relaly keep up with the fragrance world) is releasing a limited edition of...

Eau de Play-Doh. 1 oz costs $19. (U.S. funds, I presume.)

I guess it's in honour of Play-doh's fiftieth anniversary, but if you ask me it's plain wierd. I can imagine two seconds of nostalgic happiness followed by mild disgust for the rest of the day. Nope, could not wear this to the office. (Well, you know - if I went to an office)

I checked the website for Demeter Fragrance Library, and they have other scnts too, including chocolate chip cookie, mojito, and kahala Kamikazee (all YUM!) as well as beetroot, turpentine, sawdust, and holy water.

I'm still wondering what the holy water smell would be.

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