Monday, March 06, 2006

Lessons in Conflict Resolution?


I just read about these Congolese bonobo chimps that resolve conflicts wayyy differently than us humans (usually) do:

Apparently, "The animals are known for greeting rival groups with genital handshakes and sensual body rubs. Bonobo spats are swiftly settled -- often with a French kiss and a quick round of sex. "

Well, I'm not exactly sure what's involved in a "genital handshake", and I'm not really confident that it would ever work for our world leaders, rivals or not!

They are obviously peace-loving, friendly creatures. Sadly, these chimps might soon be extinct... Impoverished Congolese are killing and selling their meat, which is considered quite tasty.

This isn't just biodiversity going down the drain; we're losing social diversity here too. And I feel sad.

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