Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Boob-related, but not mine, by Toutatis!

Apparently a young Newfoundland girl recently died of toxic shock after having her nipple peirced. According to Marla Shapiro's article in today's Globe and Mail, fatal outcomes from bacterial infection of piercings are rare, but I was surprised to learn that nipple piercings can take up to 16 weeks to heal.

Not that I'm planning on piercing either of mine, thank you very much.

Despite the disturbing main content of this article, what caught my attention was actually the sentence, "In ancient Rome, for example, centurions used piercings through their nipples to hold their capes in place."

Um... OWW!

Okay, admittedly, my only knowledge about centurions' capes comes from Asterix comics (perhaps not a great reference book for actual facts), but weren't those capes HEAVY? They were long enough to reach the ground behind the centurions (what if they snagged on something..?). And they probably blew in the wind..!?


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