Monday, March 20, 2006

Fun with words

A friend was telling me last night that he has a list of favorite words - two of those words are "mellifluous" and "gazebo".

I have since been trying to figure out what my favorite words are... somehow it's tricky although I know there are some good ones. So here's a start to my own list:

  • cavalcade
  • superfluous
  • kvetch
  • misanthrope
  • debauchery

This is mostly based on the sound of the words and how much fun it is to say them, by the way...

Any other suggestions?


Dojc said...

Hey there Owl, my favourite word in the whole wide world is persimmon. Second favourite: kohlrabi

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Heather said...

How about chortle :)

I always liked memerise.

Heather said...

ER - mesmerise. Meander and muddle also have appeal for me, especially muddle - maybe I need to get past the m's.