Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bad Publicity for Cancun

OK, this whole fiasco with the Canadian couple that was murdered in Mexico is totally bizarre...

They were found dead in the room where they were staying at a resort in Cancun with their throats slashed.Tthe Mexican authorities are claiming that two Canadian women may be responsible. These women, who are back in Canada, are young mothers and sure don't strike me as having much of a motive.

Although I suppose you never really know, most people around here seem to think that the Mexican authorities are just trying to avoid bad publicity - as in, if it turns out that a Mexican did it, then people won't want to come to Cancun to vacation in case they get murdered.

Seems to me that the Mexican authorities are getting worse press in Canada this way - I would guess that Canadians are among those important tourists who come and spend dollars - but everyone here is talking about how strange the Mexican handling of this case has been and why. If they had done a normal and adequate investigation right away I bet the whole thing would have flown under the radar for most Canadians.

(Click here for the latest from today's Toronto Star)

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