Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The easiest research I ever did

Want to take part in the biggest climate change experiment ever undertaken?

The people over at the BBC are running a model for climate change on people's computers all over the world. It's a process called distributed computing which allows then to use your processor when You aren't takeing up its time and energy.

You get your very own climate model which will simulate the climate for the world from the year 1920 right through to 2080. You can check on the status of you very own world - either by downloading the screensaver that comes with it - and shows you your very own spinning globe as it's being modeled, or by going through the programs toolbar. Here's my screen this afternoon:

There are already over 125,ooo hosts all over the world!!

Once it's finished, all your modelling info will get sent back to a bunch of scientists in Oxford. And if you're lucky enough to have access to BBC four, you might get to see the TV show they're making that will air sometime this summer.

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