Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I can't even recall what I was doing this time last week...

Imagine if you could remember everything that ever happened to you. This woman can - apparently she has an encyclopedic memory of her life - and for any date that you can think of, really. And she has undergone extensive testing to make sure that she isn't cheating. That must have been fun.

I would love to be able to remember some things (when I was ten I used to concentrate very hard on what it was like being ten. I thought for sure that I would remember what it was like to be ten when I grew up - unlike all the adults I was surrounded by who, it was quite clear to me at the time, had never ever been ten. Unfortunately that's all I can remember now about being ten years old.)

I still think that my idea having it all in some kind of reference is better. Maybe not a printout though - maybe a set of searchable DVDs. Closely password-protected!

Because seriously,

I think it would be awful to have this kind of archival information about your life constantly spooling through your brain. And so distracting. How would you ever dream about the future? That poor woman.

Thanks J + C for the link!

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