Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm addicted

I think I might be developing an internet addiction. OK, maybe I'm past developing it. Maybe I have a full-fledged addiction. Is it a bad sign that I check my email before breakfast sometimes?

Or that I've posted a thread in a message board about the time I spend online and googled "Internet Addiction"?

It turns out that there are even such things as help and resource centres for online addiction - although when I read the descriptors of addiction, they seemed to relate more to people who spend endless hours searching for pron, rather than people who maximize their internet outlook screen every five minutes and click on "send/recieve"... (in case you weren't sure, I would fall in the latter category!!)

Oh, excuse me. I have to go now and check my email.


Heather said...

Pron? Is he like like Waldo, only the cyber version?

Happy Owl said...

Oops. Where's the spellcheck on this thing..?

Maybe I'll go google "spellcheck" and "blogger" ...

Jordan said...

I've seen Internet addiction described more as "information addiction" than anything else. But the message boards are certainly addictive, believe you me.