Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A taxing endeavour

I've just realized that I should do my taxes. I know that this should have been obvious from the time I got my first 2005 T4 in the mail, but the end of April has somehow snuck up on me.

Every year I'm amazed that the general public is (in theory) supposed to be able to figure out this tax thing themselves. I guess the tax software that's available now does simplify things, but anyone who has ever perused the tax guide and navigated the forms by hand knows that they are anything but straightforward. It seems like no matter which page you start with, you're supposed to have filled out some other schedule or form already. It's a never-ending circle of form-filling hell.

Tax software and online filing makes everything much simpler - but still - every year it seems like someone publishes a comparison of the return you'd get if you, your tax software, or an accountant does your return. And every year, the best way to go is with the accountant.

It hardly seems reasonable that in most cases, only a professional can really do your taxes properly, since every Canadian is required to submit them every year.

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