Monday, April 24, 2006

Graduate research I'm glad isn't mine

I already find that scheduling meetings with graduate supervisors and committee members can be tedious - especially if you're trying to gather more than one of them at a time! Sometimes it feels like it's holding up my progress (although I'm actually pretty sure that my progress is mostly hampered by my own procrastination).

But thank goodness my research doesn't depend on NASA launching a satellite! Apparently some grad students at Hampton Univeristy are doing research that is all about corroborating the findings of CALIPSO, an earth-observing satellite.

Whose launch has been canceled repeatedly for over a year! Ouch. That would be so frustrating!

Apparently the advisors on this type of research usually have an alternative research project ideas lined up for their students though... juist in case they can't wait on NASA any longer!!

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