Sunday, April 09, 2006

Reconciling Punk with what is corporate and superficial

I have always thought of people who are into the "punk" look as being rebellious, anti-establishment types. Yesterday I was walking up Yonge street behind a guy whose hair was carefully styled in a prickle of 2-inch spikes. His jeans were ripped acid wash, andI'd be willing to bet that metal studs featured somewhere in his attire, although I couldn't see any from behind.

The guy was carrying shopping bags from about three or four different stores that feature prominantly at the Eaton Centre. Huh? This guy shops at a mall that dilineates the centre of Toronto's corporate merchandising universe?

Also. It must have taken ages for him to style his hair, and really, achieving that punk look must actually take a bit of effort and require a very fashion-conscious approach to getting dressed. Which means... that what is superficial becomes important. Again..Huh?


Anonymous said...

This post reminded me of this link that I found the other day
interesting photos of non-conforming conformity?

Happy Owl said...

Hey very cool.

Erm... whay are the dudes with the bare chests called "manipulators"?