Friday, April 07, 2006

The one time when fuzzy and sticky go together...

Remember when Canadian x-country skier Sara Renner snapped her pole during her Olympic race and a Norwegian coach handed her his pole from the sidelines? She went on to win a silver medal while the Norwegians finished fourth.

Yep, it was a great Olympic story. Apparently Canadians have been feeling all warm and fuzzy about it pretty much ever since.

Michael Page, of Montreal, started "Project Maple Syrup", asking Canadians to donate money for, or cans of, maple syrup for the Norwegians. When I read that more than 7000 cans, or 5.2 tonnes of the stuff was sent last week, I nearly fell off my chair. Who could ever get through so many pancakes. Or waffles. Or... or what else do you really eat with maple syrup?

(Is Canada secretly trying to destroy Norway's 2010 Olympic chances by inducing carb and sugar comas in their athletes?)

Thank goodness there are actually just a whole lot of people who contribute to sending a national team to the Olympics - the Canadian embassy is going to pass it out to a whole bunch of people, including the Norwegian Olympic committee and the Norwegian athletes, as well as volunteers and friends.

Bring on the pancakes.

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