Thursday, April 06, 2006


Yesterday I started working on a calculation assignment for a class I'm taking. It's the sort of thing I haven't done in ages and I found myself trying to remember how to get started. It felt so odd to sit down with just a piece of paper, a pencil and a calculator and begin by listing all the variables at the top of the page.

The keyboard that sits in the middle of the desk kept getting in my way, and I didn't have a functioning calculator around so I had to use the one on the computer.

Eventually I ended up typing out the whole calcuation assignment, which seems odd since it's kind of a pain to insert a bunch of equations into a Word document... but at the same time, the idea of handing in anything written out by hand seems... archaic.

The technology takeover of my life is apparently complete.

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Heather said...

Word? At least use Mathcad or Latex or something where the programmers seriously considered that the users might be from the science community. Word - snort. I think I would just hand in a neat handwritten version.