Monday, April 03, 2006

Maybe this shouldn't bug me, but it does

Apparently the Royal Canadian Mint, in co-operation with the Breast Cancer Foundation of Canada, is releasing a pink-ribbon quarter.

It is truly fantastic that there is so much awareness and fundraising about breast cancer - there were those 'target" T-shirts, there's the weekend to end breast cancer, and there are all sorts of pink ribbon-driven cooking, yard-sale, and craft-related fundraisers.

Whoever's running the Breast Cancer fundraising program is a genius.

It also gives me the feeling of being a slick, corporate, marketing machine. And I'm wary of that.

With respect to the quarter... there are other chronic diseases that should be important to Canadians that we rarely hear about: heart disease, for example... and all of the other cancers. Or what about diseases that are not commonly thought of as killers, but which have a profound effect on the lives of many Canadians: asthma and COPD, diabetes.
See this graph? It's mortality rate vs. year for Canadians of all ages. I made it using public data online at Health Canada.

Starting from the top:
  • Turquoise: Circulatory Disease
  • Purple: Ischeamic Heart Disease
  • Green: Lung Cancer
  • Red: Colorectal Cancer
  • Blue: Breast Cancer
  • Dark Green: Asthma
So I'm curious as to when we'll be seeing the heart, the bloodstream, the lungs, and the gastrointestinal tract on our quarters.

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