Thursday, June 08, 2006

Take a pill!

Yesterday at the smog summit I met a guy who claimed to be a former bigwig in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry (now he's into packaging (which seems an odd switch for a former pharma-guy); I gather he was at the smog summit because he's helping Loblaws to reduce their corrugated cardboard use by 50%) .

Her figures the next big thing in the air quality/health field will be drugs that treat the health impacts of exposure to air pollution. As in, something that would clean your blood of all those nasty toxins, or somehow prevent those respiratory effects if taken as a preventive agent.

He was trying to tell me that this should be where I focus my energies. You know, so that I can be successful and rich.

Even if I thought that he was right about this being a money-maker (and honestly? I can picture pharmaceutical companies trying it) I can't see myself ever being comfortable with such an approach. Aside from the fact that air pollution causes ecological and visibility problems in addition to health effects, I think that prevention is the only ethical approach to our air quality problems.

God. Let's not treat the symptom (ha! and any attendant side effects!). Let's prevent the disease in the first place.

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Heather said...

A bit off the point, but don't be so surprised about somebody switching to packaging - it's one of the most technically advanced idustries. Strange but true, a lot of new technologies are driven for the need for packaging, especially joining technologies.

Perhaps you should concentrate on the equivalent of such a pill, one that could be used to treat rivers.