Saturday, June 10, 2006

Small rant in honor of environment week

... and while I'm on the topic of the smog summit, I'd just like to point out that this year was the first year in seven years that there was no federal minister of the environment at the summit.

Pretty lame, IMO.

The general consensus among the people I chit-chatted with is that the federal government has no environmental plan right now. Apparently Rona Ambrose (the non-appearing minister in question) doesn't have much of a background in environmental issues. According to her website, she holds bachelor's and a mater's degrees in Arts and has previously worked on intergovernmental affairs. Yeah, I would say that might not really be the appropriate kind of preparation.

I also heard that funding has been pulled out from under the feet of NRCan (Natural Resources Canada), and while I guess we're still paying the employees there to show up at work, they don't really have anything to do when they get there. Not only that but other consultants, such as those running the repair our air fleet challenge, have also had their funding pulled.

I won't elaborate on what I think about all this because I might be forced to use some bad words.

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