Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flat earth - it's not funny!

Yesterday at the Shared Air Summit, Senator John Kerry compared climate change skeptics to flat-earthers. As in, even though to us on the ground, the curve is so slight that we can't see it, overwhelming evidence exists to suggest that the earth isn't flat.

Also that there are still people who will argue with you about the shape of the earth.

At least they are funnier (in their disclaimer, anyway) than the current administrations in Canada and the States. Politicians don't usually come with disclaimers (although that would be really handy for my next trip to the voting booth) - I suppose because they never admit to being wrong.

When politicians are funny it's usually unintentional:Sorry dude. I realize it's a gratuitous poke at you - but c'mon. Your nonexistant Environmental plan is so unfunny.

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