Monday, June 19, 2006

Camping in the smog

Yes, I have returned from my camping weekend, a pint or so lighter in blood... just kidding; the mosquitos actually weren't too bad - I think it was way to hot for them. I didn't see a single black fly though - I can't understand it; I thought this would be prime blackfly season. Maybe they just can't fly through all that dirty air.

I returned to my desk this morning to read that the smog advisory I spent my weekend under was terminated today. Yes, people, there was a smog advisory covering most of southern Ontario this weekend, from Windsor to Waterloo, to Toronto to Peterborough, up to Algonguin, even further up to yes, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury and North Bay and all parts in between (sigh) . Pretty sad to think that such a massive geographical area can be subject to bad air.

A recent study found that many suburban Toronto residents thought that the air was cleaner in their neighborhoods than it is downtown. Sorry, folks, try again. Air moves pretty easily from one location to another, dontcha know? And I'm pretty sure that the suburbs are where a lot of the cars live.

Maybe we need to figure out how to communicate better about air quality issues. If everyone realized that they were breathing dirty air too - would they feel more compelled to solve our air quality problems?

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pgrover said...

Not sure how people can think this since most of the polluting industries have moved towards the edges (suburbs) of the cities. Think some good air quality maps at a high enough resolution might help. Perhaps using lidar technology to collect pollution counts around the city and grid into a map.

- My 2 cents worth