Monday, February 13, 2006

Would Oprah watch her own show?

OK, I admit it... sometimes I watch Oprah on weekday afternoons instead of doing my work...

Every time I do, I think to myself that Oprah didn't get to be the big success that she is by sitting around watching daytime TV - she put a lot of time and effort into developing herself and her show. I imagine that she's still incredibly busy and I would be curious to know how much (if any?) TV she usually watches in a day!

In general she seems to approve of activities that help people to grow and know themselves (her website tells you to "Live your best life"), and reject activities that are harmful to self and others. I would say that watching her show is occasionally informative, often mindless (i.e., celebrity guests), and sometimes voyeuristic. Plus, it eats up time that could often be more productively spent elsewhere.

So... maybe it's not exactly the direct path to self-knowledge and success?

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