Thursday, February 16, 2006

Advice from my elders?

Two weeks ago I went to do some work at a coffee shop and sat near an older Greek man. He told me the story how how his father wanted him to be a a policeman, but instead, he followed his dreams, travelled the world, and lived his life his way. He clearly thought that sending every kid to university is not "the way" and that this/society's definition of "success" is faulty. I think maybe he was worried that I was working too hard and wanted to make sure I understood the importance of doing what you enjoy in life.

Today I was working at another coffee shop and men an older Eastern-European (I think) gentleman who is retired from some kind of law profession and was adamant that everyone should have an understanding of the law. Familiarity the law is apparently crucial in knowing how to manage your "windfalls in life" and in knowing when you can sue someone ! He seemed most concerned that I be sure of the starting salary I should expect and that I know that there are guidelines for this kind of thing. He clearly defines success in financial terms.
Both men were so sweet and obviously concerned that I be prepared for life...

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