Thursday, February 23, 2006

Classy Ladies!

Yesterday Cindy Klassen won an Olympic gold medal in 1500 metre speed-skating. It's her fourth of these games, and makes her the only Canadian woman ever to win five career Olympic gold medals - and she has a chance race again - in the 5000 metre competition, which I think happens tomorrow.

In the meantime, Chandra Crawford, who nobody had ever heard of before, had managed to win gold in the women's cross-country ski sprint.

Not to mention the silver medals won by Krista Groves (speed-skating 1500 m) and the women's speed-skating 3000 m relay team.


I was getting ready to be angry today though - thinking that despite these accomplishments, the men's hockey loss - which means they can't even try to get a medal now - would still end up as the big headliner on my morning newspaper.

It didn't... Cindy Klassen made it above that oh-so-important fold. I am disappointed that they didn't highlight Chandra's win anywhere on the front page though. They did put three pissy-looking men in hockey jerseys there though - I don't feel too sorry for them. Sounds like they just didn't have their act together this time.

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