Thursday, July 20, 2006

Veggies with punch cards?

Apparently China is going to track every single vegetable that enters "Olympic kitchens" (I assume this refers to the athlete's village and restaurants at or near Olympic venues). Every cabbage and every pea pod is going to have an identity number and file.

It sounds like they want to track each incoming veggie and approve all vegetables consumed during the Olympics, so that they can make sure none are contaminated with high levels of pesticides or other pollutants (something Greenpeace has found in Chinese vegetables before).

Sounds arduous. And what about all those Chinese people who eat (potentially contaminated) Chinese veggies every day? I hope someone's evaluating this problem in a bit more of an "upstream" kind of a way. Seems like this identity tag method is pretty far downstream from the problem's source.

Also I find it highly bizarre that the report explaining this vegetable policy apparently does not mention fruit at all.

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