Thursday, July 06, 2006


Lately it seems like Google News's Sci/Tech section is all Tech and no Sci.

Just now I checked the news and while the top article was about the Discovery crew and the space shuttle reaching the space station (definitely qualifying as science, and pretty neat science as well), no matter how many times I expanded the section, all the other stories were about iPods or net neutrality or Nintendo or Microsoft. (And I won't be providing links to any of the companies because I feel irritable and they get enough promotion already.)

It's not that this stuff isn't interesting; clearly it is to a lot of people or it wouldn't pop up on Google - but these topics strike me more as though they belong in the business section. They're about new products or legal battles. To me that's not really "technology".


Jordan said...

Happy Owl -- do you know about ? I bookmarked it a couple of years ago, though I rarely visit. You might like it better.

Happy Owl said...

Hey, thanks Jordan - this is much better!