Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Just shoot me

Grrr; I'm mad at Canon. I'm talking about the kind of Canon that makes cameras.

I have one - a little digital number that I rather like. I can take pictures with all sorts of settings, take a bit of video, upload it all to my computer in a snap. Lord, I sound like a commercial.

Except that... I dropped it.

Now I can do everything except actually take the picture. The camera focuses, turns on the ready light, zooms in an out, successfully displays photos on its screen and allows me to apply various settings.

It just won't actually record images any more.

So I took it to the camera store. Where they saide that they would have to send it away to Canon for a price of $50 and that the fix would probably cost $200-$300. Which is about the replacement cost for the freakin' camera.

I just know that it's some little electronic thing and that it's probably a common problem, and I feel so helpless and frustrated and annoyed that I can't do a thing to fix it on my own.

I guess it's back to my trusty fully manual, dinosaur-era but perfectly functional Nikon. And yes, I've dropped it before too. Onto a cement floor. And it still takes photos just fine, thankyouverymuch.


Care said...

That's crappy. Poor Happy Owl isn't so happy.

Jordan said...

It's sad... Digital cameras are like portable computers, basically, with a lens. If one part breaks, there's not much you can do to fix it.

If you want to borrow some Nikon lenses for your trip, give us a call...

Happy Owl said...

Just call me Crabby Owl for today :)

Next time I own one I'll have to have it attached to me somehow - like my mittens-on-a-string when I was a kid