Friday, January 19, 2007

Gettin' my Religion...

Stereotyping is a bad idea. Folks, this is not news, but we all do it sometimes.

For example, I've been equating Evangelism with right-wing politics. Let's face it, I've been equating evangelists with right-wing Christian nutbars.

But it turns out that a bunch of evangelists in the U.S. are on the climate change bandwagon. The National Association of Evangelicals is collaborating with the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School. Together, they are trying to convince the U.S. administration that they really need to do something about global warming.

It sounds like such a strange combination - and yet Harvard is potentially bringing a powerful segment of US social culture - one which was probably instrumental in Bush's election wins - into the climate change game.

And maybe what we need here is for politicians to get some climate change religion. If we could all just believe that climate change is really happening, that Manhattan could end up under water, and that 50% of species worldwide might die, wouldn't it be obvious that something should be done?

It's time to take global warming to heart, Bush. Don't worry, I know you've already taken Jesus into your heart - but I suspect He'll make room.


Simone said...

Hey, you might find this short article interesting:\

Simone said...

hmmm that URL seemed to be too long... you may have to cut and paste this in bits... anyhow I thought the definitions were useful and a good reminder that not all Christians are created equal!

Happy Owl said...

Aha, my first mistake: evangelist (not equal to) evangelical.

*goes off to read the rest of the article and become enlightened*