Thursday, November 09, 2006

Civic Duty

Municipal elections are coming up on Monday and I haven't got a clue. The only thing I know about the candidates in my area is the names of three who have signs sprinkled around the neighborhood. I know nothing about their platforms, ideas, or plans.

So Helen Kennedy, Joseph Tuan, and Adam Vaughn: who are you?!

In a lot of ways it's my fault that I'm not engaged with what's going on here - I haven't picked up eye or NOW in ages, and I don't get the Toronto Star. Those are probably the only papers likely to profile my ward. The only thing I did read about my ward in the Globe was that it's "hotly contested".

Which makes it even wierder that nothing has come through the mail slot: no flyers. No notifications of candidate debates. Nada. Nobody has done anything to try and sway me.

Worse, I haven't got any infromation about where or when I'm supposed to vote, despite the fact that I'm living exactly where I did for the last elections. I'll be able to figure that one out, but what if I was new to the neighborhood? Or didn't get out much?

Geez, as if voter turnout isn't dismal enough.


Caroline said...

I was just thinking the same thing and had just clicked on the City of Toronto website.

Judy said...

Funny that you haven't received any background from candidates. I know that Helen Kennedy has been canvassing neighbourhoods for months.

Her website has lots of info, too:

Folks at her campaign office would be happy to tell you where to vote Monday: 416.703.6695

Happy Owl said...

Thanks, Caroline and Judy!

Do not fret, I will at least peruse the websites of any candidate that has an online presence before I make my way to the ballot box!

Judy said...

I will not fret! Glad that you are motivated to vote. Meant to agree with you that the set-up could be A LOT better to encourage voting.

(And the polls are open from 10 am to 8 pm Monday, by the way!)