Friday, November 03, 2006

Aw, Roomba!

I have a robot.

A friend gave us a Roomba for a wedding gift. It's this disc-shaped contraption that travels around your floors, sucking up dirt and cleaning them for you.

I set it going for the first time yesterday. And so, instead of spending my time pushing around a vacuum cleaner, I spent my time sitting in front of the computer... being distracted by Roomba.

It's neat. It seems like the pattern it follows is random, but it eventually covers the whole floor. It disappears under the couch and dresser, but eventually finds its way back out. It explores its way around corners. I think it's more sophisticated than it lets on.

It's like having a little critter around - doing jobs for you. I rescued it when it got caught on the carpet tassel, but it was otherwise totally capable without me. When it was done I looked after its care and grooming needs carefully. I felt sorry for it when I found hairs wound around its brushes (yuck).

I actually sort of ... feel kind of affectionate towards it.

I hope robots never come and take over the world. Apparently all they'll have to do to win me over is a bit of housekeeping.


Caroline said...

Hilarious! I'm jealous.

Jordan said...

Is it noisy?

Anonymous said...

This is great. I just got a Scooba last month and it is just as fascinating and awesome as the Roomba. My cat follows it around, but it sort of defeats the purpose since I get little paw prints on my kitchen floor. I guess I can live with cute paw prints, better than living with dried crusty spaghetti sauce that would sit on my floor for weeks if I didn't have the Scooba boy.

Happy Owl said...

Jordan - it's not too bad. It makes a kind of whirring sound that blends into the background after a while. You can hear it bumping into stuff when it turns around but that's not too loud either.

Oooo. What's a scooba? *goes off to do some googling*